If we tell you about us, we might have to kill ya. ;) Ok, I'm only kidding. It's what us ninjas do most of the time. The two ninjas behind this blog is none other than Mako and Kas. Twins by birth and ninjas by trade. :p  There are two kitties and a turtle in the mixed of our little family.  Ginger is the white and orange cutie and Nutmeg is the tabby.  Both are sisters and were adopted from a rescue group.  Draco, The Ninja Turtle, was also rescued by a friend and given to me.  He's 6 years old while the girls are 2. 

We all live in a townhouse in beautiful state of NC.  I wish we had a bigger place but maybe that time will come in the future.  As for right now, we will try to make our current home the best home possible. ;)