Friday, September 9, 2011

This what a ninja does to a bathroom

NinjaGrl here to blog about my new bathroom. So recently, I took time off from my job to relax and revamp my bathroom. Relax?! HAHAHA! I actually wanted to redecorate many other rooms that week but wow, who knew it would take all week just for the bathroom.

I had painted my bathroom a long while back and now those colors are just tired and dated. It was a yellowish beige and I painted a horrible boarder of blue and green at the top of the walls and it was crapply done. So a change was needed! Badly!!


Inspiration came from a shower curtain I got from Ikea!!(luv it) It has a lot of bright colors and a nice design. I kept many of the items in the bathroom just refreshed them.
The wall color was a mix of a blue we painted in the kitchen with a grey/blue my sis painted her bathroom with. It was all leftover paint, so I saved $$ using it and it turned into a great color!! Really matched the curtain and is flexible for future changes I can make.

So beside painting the walls, I painted the over-the-toilet cabinet a bright Island Orange. Orange is my favorite color. So it makes a ninja happy! It is also one of the colors in the curtain and I feel it adds interest and a pop of color in the space.

I added a new shower curtain rod. One that curves out to make my shower stall feel bigger and its a double rod. I can hang clothes to dry or towels on the outer rod! By the way, It was really hard installing it by myself. Many curse words and praises could be heard.

To finish the space, I added a basket with some towels(orange), mason jars with flowers and hung the same pictures up. I got some acrylic bathroom containers from the Container Store and a blue rug from Ikea to finish it out.

What I learned from this project:

(1)When sanding anything; walls, furniture, etc.
Use a mask.
(2)When spray painting anything.
(3)Make sure your painting in a well ventilated area and not in direct sunlight or high heat.
(4)Patience is a virtue. Take your time painting and sanding between coats. It will look professional in the end.
(5)A good brush is worth its weight in gold!
(6)Use your own stuff, no need to buy all new accessories unless you need to.
(7)Bring a friend. Have fun!
I really like the new bathroom it looks fun, fresh and shows a ton of personality.

...mixed my own paint from leftovers
...shopped in clearance and reused items
...we already had a lot of paint supplies
...Have a budget and stick to it.

Here are some of the finished pics!

If anyone has any specific questions on how I did it, just ask!



  1. I really like your remodel. The bathroom looks so cheerful now.

  2. Sis it looks awesome!! I'm glad I could help out when I could. The finish product is superb! I hope to finish mine very soon. :)

  3. Wow, I love all the colors that you used! Great inspiration in the shower curtain.

    Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

  4. Thank You Brittany!! I can honestly say I read your tutorial on painting and it help so much!! Made my project look great!